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Unique Gameplay

You are the equipment slot; Remnants will bind onto your body. Your weapon is your shield; Your shield is still a shield.

Endless Combos

With over a hundred remnants and endless ways to stick, you must find a synergy for every different game.

Play with Friends

Online or offline, Chaos Party supports up to 4 players in a party. And fight to the last one standing.

Weapon Glore

Each new remnants you collect will show up in the gallery, with a piece of the story. Collect all the remnants to find out the true tale behind the Chaos Party.

Power of Zeus Lv.3

Cast lightning chain to attack up to 5 different targets, damage is reduce by each new target.

Devil Hellfire Lv.3

Shoot 5 fire projectiles in a fan shape towards target direction, immune to burns.

Great Mimic

Mimic the highest level weapon on the Overlord. Can not mimic Overlord or special weapons.

Toxic Lv.3

Spit a poison cloud towards target direction. Enemy poisoned receive damage overtime.

Machine Gun Lv. 3

Automatic rapid fire at target direction.